Tips for Users

Safety Tips

Tips to stay safe while buying on

  • Meet the seller in a public place that you are familiar with

  • Don’t pay for anything before checking the quality of the product you are buying

  • Avoid sending money in advance

  • Beware of unrealistically low prices

  • Do not give personal information (bank details, credit/debit card number)

Tips to stay safe while selling on

  • Always ask a phone number to the buyers who contact you by message and check that it is valid

  • Avoid anyone who wants to pay via unsafe money transfer services

  • Beware of buyers located abroad, is a 100% local website

  • Do not send your item to a buyer before he has fully paid for it

Tips to spot a fraudster

Pay extra attention when:

  • The name of the seller or the store is a foreign name

  • The description contains Skype details, prices in foreign currency

  • The price is too precise. Scammers tend to convert a dollar price to local currency which gives very detailed prices

If you feel like an ad is a scam, please contact us via the "Report abuse" button.


How to Sell Fast

1. Choose the right price

To choose the right price for your item, you can browse similar ads on our website. The more competitive your price is, the faster you will sell your item.

2. Write a detailed description

A detail description of your item will make it easier for the buyer to understand what you are selling. Make sure to keep the title short and clear.

3. An ad with pictures gets 7 times more views!

Add to your description one or several real pictures of your item using different angles and good lightening. You will sell your item seven times faster!